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Mortgage Products

Whether you are purchasing or building a new home, refinancing, or just need some cash out of your home, Plattsmouth State Bank can help. We offer a variety of mortgage products that are designed to fit your needs. Click on our links below to find the right product for you.

Fixed Conventional Loan

A mortgage loan in which monthly principal and interest payments remain the same throughout the life of the loan. Interest rates are typically fixed for a longer period of time.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)

A mortgage loan with an interest rate that is initially fixed for a period of time, then adjusts in accordance with a specified margin and index. Your payment may increase or decrease depending on market conditions.

Jumbo Loan

A mortgage loan which exceeds the conforming size limit of $417,000. The cost of obtaining a jumbo loan is generally higher than obtaining a conforming mortgage.

Balloon Loan

A short-term fixed-rate loan that is amortized over a period of time. Monthly payments are made for a set number of years, followed by one large payment at the end of the term. Once this term is up, these loans offer the option to extend or refinance at current market rates.

Construction Loan

A short-term loan that is used to finance your home building needs. These loans are set up as a line of credit, and funds are advanced to the builder as your home is being constructed.

Lot Loan

A loan used to finance the purchase of unimproved land.

Bridge Loan

A short-term loan that uses the equity in your current home to provide funds to close on your new home when your current home has not yet closed.

Home Equity Loan

A mortgage loan that uses the equity in your home to finance such things as home improvements, bill consolidation, and much more.

Second Home Loan

A mortgage loan used to finance a second home or vacation home. These loans tend to have geographic and property type restrictions.

Investment Property Loan

A mortgage loan used to finance investment or rental property. The cost of obtaining an investment loan is generally higher than obtaining a loan for a primary residence.