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Privacy Policy

Welcome to Plattsmouth State Bank's webpage and thank you for viewing our privacy policy.
Visitors to the Plattsmouth State Bank site will remain anonymous. We do not collect personal identifying information about visitors to our site.

Our servers collect standard nonidentifying information about visits to the site, such as date and time visited, IP address, city, state, and country. This information is used to compile standard statistics on site usage.

If you have provided personal identifying information via e-mail (such as name and address), the information will only be used to communicate with you to handle your request. It is not sold or transferred to other parties.

Plattsmouth State Bank is committed to protecting your privacy.

Comments about this site should be directed to:
Terri Anderson
Box 340
Plattsmouth, NE 68048
Fax 402-296-5164

Or e-mail us at